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Bean Bag Balls

Bean bags are great to sit on and are growing in their popularity as casual yet trendy furniture to have around the house and also in lounges, reception areas of public places and so forth.

However, it is not to be forgotten that bean bags were also used as simple toys for children, which their mothers made by filling in dried beans between pieces of cloth and sewing them together. Later, when the Italian furniture designers started selling this tear shaped sac chair as Sacco, that is when it came to be considered as furniture. Filled with polystyrene pellets and made of vinyl or other materials besides leather, the bean bags have changed the very concept of chairs or sofas, and even beds that we normally use. The unique property of bean bags as to how it can mold itself to a person’s shape, provide great lumbar support and so forth, has led to an increase in popularity of such furniture.

Bean Bag BallsBean bag balls of course, also have great uses in recreation. Since such bags, especially the modern ones containing PVC pellets or polystyrene beads, cannot cause injury, these are ideal as bean bag balls for various games. The famous aphorism “Politics ain’t bean bag” indicates the safe properties of a bean bag which make them ideal playing accessories for children.

There are many games that one can play with the bean bag ball. The bean bag toss, as may be found in the Ohio valley, is a game played amongst children as well as adults, which involves two goals and bean bags.

Footbag is a popular variation of football where a ball shaped ban bag is used instead of a regular football. In some games such as gridiron football, the bean bag balls are used, not as the main ball of the game, but to indicate changes in possession such as when a fumble occurs or an interception is made and so forth.

Bean bag balls are often seen in juggling and professional jugglers use colorfully designed bean bag balls to juggle several at a time. Bean bags are also used in a variation of dodge ball where bean bags are slid across the floor to hit the opposing team’s players in the foot and is considered a safer version of the dodge ball game.

Thus, bean bag balls find many uses amongst children and adults in games and regular every day uses, the nature of the materials used and the fabrics making them great accessories and free of causing harm.


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