Bean Bags

Bean bag chairs are all the rage today amongst modern furniture for your home or even for offices. These otherwise slouchy, shapeless bean filled sacs are gaining popularity as people are finding many ingenious uses for such a item.

Bean bags by definition, are sealed bags made of any material which contain dried beans, pellets of PVC or polystyrene which has been expanded. The unique property of bean bags is that, they do not cause injury no matter how hard they are thrown, and hence is popular amongst children for playing games and so forth.

However, if you look at the history of bean bags, especially in their use as furniture, it probably started in 1960s when such sac chairs, as they were named, were being made of leather. That made them expensive and due to their lack of shape, people did not find much aesthetic value in adding such a furniture to their living or any other room.

Bean BagsToday, bean bags come in a variety of textures, colors, shapes and sizes so that one can choose to use them as they please. Besides leather, there are a host of other materials which these bags are being made of, such as synthetic or vinyl materials. Hence, bean bag chairs are now more affordable and people are willing to experiment with them in hotels, lounges and even offices, besides their homes.

Bean bags have always been a great favorite amongst children due to their softness and lack of shape. From bean bags being used in various games where they are tossed around, nowadays children love to do the same with their bean bag chairs. On these they can comfortably sit and play games, lie back and watch television and these can be moved from room to room which is another great benefit of bean bags.

Bean bags nowadays come with Styrofoam beans fillings which become flattened due to regular use. Hence, the inner filling of bean bag chairs need to be changed periodically. Such filings are easily available with bean bag manufacturers and one can even try their own filings at home such as with sponge, thermocol balls or cotton. One can even obtain new covers for their bean bags and have a brand new design or color to flaunt and make them good as new.

Thus, bean bags have gained much popularity of late due to the ease and flexibility of their shape and design.


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